Professor Cardenete is Minister of Education and Sport. Former Deputy Minister at Vicepresidence-Regional Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration at Regional Government of Junta de Andalucia and Member of the Committee of the Regions at European Union. and Political Coordinator of Renew Europe Group in NAT Commission. He is Professor of  Economics at Universidad Pablo de Olavide and Universidad Loyola Andalucia, both of them on leave, and in the recent years he was Vice-rector of Postgraduate Studies and Director of Loyola Leadership School at Universidad Loyola Andalucia (Seville & Cordoba, Spain). Professor Cardenete obtained the B.S. in Economics and Business (1994) from University of Seville (Spain), Ph. D. in Economics (2000) from University of Huelva (Spain) and Diploma in Executive Management (2011) from Instituto Internacional San Telmo (Seville, Spain). The topic of his dissertation was “Applied General Equilibrium Models for Andalusia”. Vicepresident of Sociedad Hispanoamericana Input-Output. He is Academic in Academia Andaluza de Ciencia Regional. In 2019 he received the Annual Award from Professional School of Economists of Seville, as Best Economist and Honor Graduate at Escuela de Hosteleria de Sevilla in 2021.

He is Leader of Research Group CLIMAMODEL SEJ-511 (Multisectoral Models Applied for Climate Change). He is too Research Affiliate of EUREAL (European Union Regional Economics Applications Laboratory),  GReCS (Research Group in Computations and Simulations) from Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (Spain) and Research Centre of Energy and Environmental Economics from University of Seville (Spain). He is Distinguished Research Professor de HISPAREAL (Hispalis Regional Economics Applications Laboratory) and Associate Researcher of CISE-Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Mexico.

He has been Subdirector of University Menendez y Pelayo (2001-2004), Director General of Foundation Universidad–Sociedad of University Pablo de Olavide (2004-2006), Director General of Coordination and Administrative Organization of University Pablo de Olavide (2006-2007), Executive Vicepresident of Foundations of University Pablo de Olavide (Fundacion Universidad-Sociedad, Fundacion Conocimiento y Cultura y Fundacion Municipios Pablo de Olavide) and Managing Director of UPOGEST, S.L., services company of University Pablo de Olavide (2007-2011). He has been Head of Department of Economics at Universidad Loyola Andalucia (2013-2016).

He has been was also Visiting Research Scholar of Regional Economics Applications Laboratory -REAL- in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA) in 2002 and Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona (Spain) in 1998. He has worked too as Technical Adviser for the Regional Ministry of Economy (Junta de Andalucia, Spain) in CGE and SAM models (2002-2005 and 2007-2011) and Adviser of the Social and Economics Council of the City of Seville (Spain) (2009-2012). He was Council Member of Consejo Andaluz de Estadistica y Cartografia (2015-2018), President of Commission of Business Strategy in the Andalusian Entrepreneurship Association (2014-2018), President of Economics Commission of Professional School of Economists of Seville (2018-2019), President of the Analysis and Prospective Commission in the Andalusian Entrepreneurship Association (2019) and President of the Andalusian Regional Science Association (2014-2020).

Finally, he has been Associated Researcher of CEDRUS-Universidad Autonoma de Mexico-UNAM (Mexico) and Universidad Autónoma de Chile (2016-18), Senior Economist at European Institute of Public Administration (2012-2013) (Maastricht, The Netherlands) and at European Commission (JRC-IPTS) (2011-2012) and Professor in University Pablo de Olavide (2000-2013) (Seville, Spain), EOI Business School (2001-2013) and University of Huelva (Spain) (1995-2000).

His research interests include Input-Output Models, SAM Models and Regional and National Computable General Equilibrium Models using GAMS, PyIO and SIMSIPSAM, GTAP softwares.

He is a member of American Economic Association, Spanish Regional Science Association, Regional Science Association International, International Input-Output Association(Member of the Council, 2016-2019), Sociedad Hispanoamericana de Input-Output (Member of the Council), Red Andaluza de Consultores Independientes (former Secretary), President of the Council of Asociacion Andaluza de Ciencia Regional and Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Risk and Financial ManagementRevista Innovacion, Revista de Estudios RegionalesAmerican Journal Economics and Business Administration, Revista Portuguesa de Estudios Regionais, Perspectivas Socioeconomicas, Academic Editor of Asian Journal of Economics, Business and Accounting and Associate Editor of Bussines and Economic Research. Recently he has been signed Editor Associated in Applied General Equilibrium Series by Springer. He was Editorial Member of Blog  La Riqueza de las Regiones (2015-2018).

Finally he has been Member of the following Scientific Committees: Workshop ECOMOD-centrA (Seville, SPAIN, 2004), Ecomod 2008 Conference (Berlin, GERMANY, 2008), Ecomod 2010 Conference (Istanbul, TURKEY, 2010), Ecomod 2011 Conference (Las Azores, PORTUGAL, 2011), XVII International Input-Output Conference, (Sao Paolo, BRAZIL, 2009), IIIth Conference of SHAIO (Albacete, SPAIN, 2009), XXXVII Regional Science Conference (Elvas-Badajoz, PORTUGAL-SPAIN, 2010), Chairman of Scientific Committe of III Sociedad Hispanoamericana Input-Output Conference (SHAIO) (University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, SPAIN, september 2011), Chairman of Local Committe and Co-chair of Scientific Committee of ECOMOD2012 (University Pablo de Olavide, Seville, SPAIN, july 2012) Member of Scientific Committee of IV Sociedad Hispanoamericana Input-Output Conference (SHAIO) (University of Seville, Seville, SPAIN, september 2013), V Sociedad Hispanoamericana Input-Output Conference (SHAIO) (University of Barcelona, Barcelona, SPAIN, september 2015), Congreso Economia Internacional 2017, XXIV International Input-Output Conference, (Atlantic City, USA, 2017), President Scientific Committee of V Sociedad Hispanoamericana Input-Output Conference (SHAIO) (University of Yucatan, Merida, MEXICO, september 2017),  Member of Scientific Committee of XIX AECR Conference (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, SPAIN, november 2017), ECOMOD 2018 (Venice, Italy, july 2018), XXVII International Input-Output Conference, (Kuala Lumpur, Malasya, 2020).

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