Welcome to my personal webpage. My name is Manuel Alejandro Cardenete. I am Vice-rector of Postgraduate Studies, Professor of Economics at Universidad Loyola de Andalucía and Director of Loyola Leadership School. Currently, I am President of Commission of Business Strategy in the Andalusian Entrepreneurs Association, President of the Andalusian Regional Science Association, Academic in Academía Andaluza de Ciencia Regional, Vicepresident of Sociedad Hispanoamericana Input-Output and Council Member International Input-Ouput Association.

My research lines are Input-Output Models, SAM Models and Computable General Equilibrium Models – at regional and national level- using GAMS, PyIO, SIMSIPSAM and GTAP softwares.  I am Principal Researcher of CLIMAMODEL SEJ-511, Distinguished Research Professor de HISPAREAL (Hispalis Regional Economics Applications Laboratory), Associate Researcher of Universidad Autónoma de Chile, Associate Researcher of CEDRUS-UNAM and Visiting Professor of CISE-Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila.

You can find in this webpage all information about my professional experience and works (publications, research, bio…). Any suggestions about this website will be welcome. Best regards.

Prof. M. Alejandro Cardenete, Ph.D.

Visit my YouTube Chanel and my Citation Google Scholar webpage in:

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